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How mysterious(part 1)

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I was sitting in my history class where no one except me was listening to the substituted teacher, Mr.Helms. He got really irritated and told us to just read a book and do whatever we want. I was thinking it was foolish to act up with a substitute teacher in your junior year of high school when Mark the “school bully” came to me. I had really really bad anxiety and started panicking. I then put my head down so I wouldn’t have to look him in the eyes. He roughly asked me to finsh his history homework for him and in case you are wondering the teacher wasn’t even in the class. I immediately said yes, so he could go away but then he said and drop it by my house on Friday morning. Then he proceed to say “are you gonna do that?” in a tough tone. I was shaking from my knees all the way to my toes and hands. I told him “ I-i am g-onn-a do tha-t.” I was stuttering so hard. He said “ Good!” and walked away. I was freaking out, not cause of the homework I did plenty of them before but the thing that was freaking me out was that he told me to go over to his house and everybody knows Mark’s parents kicked him out so he lives alone. The bell rang and I went to my locker to grab my stuff. Today was Thursday so if I did the homework tonight I could drop it off in the morning tomorrow since there was no school tomorrow. The homework was due on Monday so you may be wondering why is mark not doing his own homework? Well, he likes making other people do it for him especially girls so he can get with one of them. But usually he just gets the cute and popular girls to help him but this assignment is half our grade so he had to get someone smart to help him and in my grade there are not a lot of smart boys and girls. I am supposed to be in advanced math so most kids think I’m really smart. I calmed down and went in the bus. I was glad that school was over and just put in my headphones and sat next to a window.