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Now what

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You confessed your monster. Now what do I do. I want to ignore it. I would of never guessed it not you. Not all we been thru. Now I have to decide. Do I keep on living a lie. I love you I really do. But trust you again is going to be a mission. I wish you would’ve cheated anything is better than this. I will always know what you done. I pray you never do it again. But who is to say. If I walk away will you do it to another. If I stay will it happen again. Lord knows I’m not perfect but this is something I never did. I swore you were different I knew it from the start. But here I am today going insane. Almost 2 years in and I don’t know if I wanna stay. But I will never have another. I won’t be able to let anyone in. Because you destroyed me within. I don’t have a voice on this. Either way I’m wrong. See you destroyed who I am. In less than 5 minutes. Because you did wrong. Will anyone ever know could they guess it with you. I’m not the one who takes stuff lightly. But you shattered my heart because of you being a fool. I’m fighting to put the pieces back together. I just don’t know what to say. I’m not going to lie for you. But I’ll try to forgive you. Because I’m not the one who gets to judge. But if there is ever a next time. I may just hurt ya. Because you are messing with mine.