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Me being an idiot

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So I’m in a shopping market with me dad. Picture this, me a 13 year old girl with long brown hair and dark brown eyes, wearing light blue skinny jeans, a red flannel shirt, pink cons and glasses. We’re just walking around Tesco (I think) and my dads collecting stuff in the frozen isle down the opposite end to me. So I’m just stood next to the trolley, keeping an eye on it, when this girl walks by with her mum. And this girl is like really REALLY beautiful. She has golden hair, cute freckles like stars under her eyes, pale and glowing skin, green eyes like emeralds and little dimples when she smiles. So this beautiful girl smiles at me when she sees me looking, looks me up and down AND WINKS LIKE MY BRAIN CANT PROCESS IT! So I do the dumbest thing.....I don’t even want to relive it in this, but for the sake of the story......I lean on the trolley, I attempt to look cool and swag or whatever by leaning on the trolley like it doesn’t have goddamn wheels. So I go flying over as the trolley moves and my dad is oblivious at the end of the isle, and the girl’s mum is giving me a concerned look and I see the cute girl cringe and I don’t have the emotional strength to stand up, so I just stay there, on the floor, in the middle of the frozen isle, with so much shame around me. And then the girl gives me a pitying glance as she and her mum leave and my dad just walks by to grab the trolley and casually says “cmon, get off the floor _____ we need to find the bread isle” And that was a story depicting why I shall never find love because I’m an idiot