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You said you wanted me But you still left me I trusted you with everything I now know I shouldn't of But that's a mistake a daughter makes To always think you'd never be the one to break her When I was small Merely 3 it's when you showed me hatred  And true Hatred of all For if it wasn't for me You'd still be happy I took away your plans And all the fun you had Is that the reason you turned to hit me A little girl so small and frail Slapped so hard she almost fell Daddy please no more I begged I couldn't walk straight the next damn day Bruises hidden with pants and dresses The teacher had gotten the suspicion When daddy came to pick us up God almighty he is drunk I thought he changed I really did To know he hasn't still stings He said he loved us oh boy he did But the booes and drugs won again For he said he loved us and boy he promised But it was a lie to cover up In public nice he seemed But back at home Hurtful indeed For we weren't allowed to cry Not one tear should spill from the eye If he saw a speck of tears Daddy would beat us and nobody cared Mommy found out a few times later She was upset he did this to the daughter But you see there's a part here missing an important one at that She protected her brother That's the one thing she's good at Hit at school on the daily basis Back at home to be hit some more Frankly I don't know what I did anymore I knew better to question his lie I didn't want more bruises I'll tell you why I was only a child so small and frail I couldn't even defend myself Daddy said he loved us yes But he always meant his drugs and cigarettes