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There was quite the lengthy court battle...

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My biological father is a drug dealer, specifically cocaine. My mother was a client of his and started sleeping with him in exchange for drugs. She got pregnant and tried to have an abortion but it failed, that's where I came into the picture. My father decided that he should rape me repeatedly from around ages 4-6. He then got the great idea to sell me to other men to be in a child prostitution and pornography ring. I was video'd being raped and tortured and those videos were sold. I was never sent to kindergarten. Child protective services realized something was horribly wrong when I was 7 and I was sent to live with my grandparents. In the process of the transfer from my mom to extended family, I was kidnapped. I was taken across the country and hidden in an attic for about a week before I was found. My uncle hired a private detective who was able to track me down and find me. There were multiple amber alerts sent out for me as well. My extended family did not even know I existed until CPS and the police contacted them. When I was finally found they realized that at age 7, I weighed 38 pounds and was significantly malnourished. I had some severe developmental delays, like not being able to read or tie my shoes. I had actually never used silverware before and did not know what a fork was. I was essentially a child that never existed until then. There was quite the lengthy court battle that followed and I was sent to live with my grandparents, who I had never seen before in my life. Things improved from there and I lived with them until I was 15. Now, I live with my uncle and his husband and they have legally adopted me at age 18. Now, I am a healthy happy teenager who is a pre-med major and a vet tech. I wasn't supposed to make it but I did. No one believes how crazy my life was because of how 'normal" I am now.