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The girl I “bullied”

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I know the title might seem weird but here we go so one of my class mates let’s call her Ellie moved schools to live with her stepmom and her dad they live about 30 mins - 1 hour away so she left then a new girl came to our school and joined my class let’s call her Hayley she was really annoying and always wore her helmet so some boys in our friend group started calling her helmet safety which was dumb at the time but really catchy so soon everyone was calling her “Helmet safety” as the months went on the worse Hayley got bullied especially by this one girl let’s call her Kate, Kate was constantly rude to Hayley all the time I was friends with Kate at them time then last year I told her to go find new friends and that we didn’t need her in our friend group but that’s a whole other story!. Kate was a real bitch the bulling was so bad Hayley left the school then this bitch Kate starts crying like wtf as the months go on me and 2 of my other friends had a triple sleepover let’s call them Hope and Layla, we were staying at Layla’s house and in the morning we went for a walk/run and Layla came up with the great idea to ask Hayley to come with us and Hayley’s Mum I was for sure she hated me so hope and Layla went to knock on the door and asked they had a long as conversation talking about Kate I was down the street more but then hope and Layla came running to get me so I can talk to her Mum which I rally didn’t want to bc I found her a real bitch we had a conversation about Kate and how we dumped he back in the skip where she belonged the end... soon I’ll post the story about me and Kate and how I dumped her xx