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After: Heartbreaker

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(6/6) 🥺🧸🦋 After: Heartbreaker Love is simple yet something so complicated. Minutes, seconds, hours, days, weeks, months, years, I've lost. Just to realize you were never worth my tears. You were never worth the wait, the conversations, the hard to get games, none of it. It's sad to realize that I weren't enough for you, enough for us. No matter how many times I tell myself not to be mad at you I find myself hating you more and more for making me feel this inevitable pain. I feel so stupid for allowing you to know bits and pieces of me that I didn't even know without you. I can't blame you for wanting someone better, something more. Someone happy, less complicated. I couldn't wait to hate you, I couldn't wait to break you down, because that's what you did to me. The frustrations got me feeling some way, I miss you, but I'm tired of trying to break through. Tired of trying to impress you, or your sorry excuses of friends. I don't think you ever truly loved me for me and it's okay because I don't love me for me either. I've never felt this broken before and I don't think anyone could fix it. I thought that my happiness faded because of the situations I was in, but no it came along with you. My life was better off without you. That hurt to say because I thought I couldn't live without you, I thought that we'd be forever. What is forever without you though? Why is it so hard to say goodbye? I want to break through all the emotional changes but I don't know how because I always go to you for help. I thought that we were in love but now it all seems like a lie. You said that you would be there for me, but I understand that I'm to much for anyone to handle. You were the one that I could depend on but my actions weren't reciprocated. I've felt this before but yet I can't help but to cry, you toyed with my heart. I wonder why you ever spoke to me anyways. You played with the piece of me that I wanted to forget. I did try my best with you, I gave you my all, everything that I was capable of doing and even more than that. It felt better when I was alone. I'm tired of giving my all to pieces of shit. Everyone was telling me to stay away from you I should've took that advice a long time ago.