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Workplace Wackos

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At my last job, the manager and the VP were sleeping together. At first it was just a rumor when they both came into new roles from other locations but eventually they didn't even bother to hide it. The thing is, our production was amazing, miles ahead of the other facilities so corporate ignored it. The VP's wife was really upset about it but she had fragile health so she didn't leave him. Instead she showed up at work one day and started ranting about how much she loved World of Warcraft. The manager brought her "nephew" to work one day...who greatly resembled the VP. The manager started coming to work hammered. Among the crazy things I witnessed: manager asking one of the male trainers to remove a tick from her pubic hair; manager declaring "today is Mardi Gras day", putting on a mask and crawling on the floor; manager and one of the supervisors coming into work in bikinis with their cats (yes, cats) because they were going to the beach and instead spending the day hanging out on the call center floor playing with cats in their bikinis with bare feet. Throughout this, we maintained great numbers. I don't know how or why but everybody was working pretty hard. There was a shit ton of favoritism but still, it wasn't a bad place to work. We made good money, they had lots of incentives and great benefits. it was just...crazy. Inevitably though, the crazy shit hit the fan when manager and VP were found to be using company funds to rent a love nest apartment down the street. Corporate showed up under the guise of a visit and fired them. And brought in the worst people to replace them that I could have imagined. Yes, somehow, these people were worse. They weren't doing anything remotely like the other 2. They were just assholes.