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Her: The Girl I’d Die to Remember

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•This is broken into 6 parts 🍯 ~Her: The Girl I’d Die to Remember (1/6)🦋 A sweet innocent young beautiful girl, a girl so smart. Someone you would enjoy remembering, a girl that would make the best of any situation no matter the circumstances. The girl who can't give up, the sweet girl who's determined. The girl that keeps her nose in the books, ask her anything she most likely has the answer. The girl who's main focus isn't on the finest boy on the football team or the cute boy in her biology class. A girl who wants everyone else to be happy, the girl that cares sincerely about her family and friends. But, that girl goes into a spiral when all her family and friends want for her is... love. What's love? How can she ever love someone? How does one fall in love? The big issue is, does she want to? Girls like her has always had the idea that they, don't have the time for love or to get to know someone. It has her thinking maybe she should give it a try. Her first instinct is to try the guy on the football team that's always caught her eye. She began to do things she'd never thought of, a girl so smart you'd think she'd always planned it. She changed her looks, went out to parties, her grades began to plummet but she slowly stopped caring more and more as she was around him. Then everything changed when one day she just wasn't enough anymore, it takes girls like her awhile to get over such heartbreak. She ignored the constant reminder of him, her grades got back on track. She slowly started to realize she did want love. How does a girl like her find love and keep it? So instead of jumping into something she waited. She started to talk to the cute boy in biology. They took things slow, that caught her attention more than anyone before. Why would he want to get to know a girl like her? She wasn't like the other girls he hung around, to a girl like her his his aura was welcoming. It was different for her, a good different. They began to hang out as friends, do homework together things were a fairy-tale. Then they became closer, he began to admit his feelings. Something so innocent became a thing of love. It slowly turned into a relationship, the hand holding, kisses, unexpected gifts/surprises. They never stopped and it had her on ice. How do you feel when someone gives you overpowering love and affection? What do you do with it? Then the distance came about. He asks questions and she's so confused, without noticing she didn't have answers. She could tell by the look on his face that he was confused to, she was scared, scared to love. How does one fall in love without confusion? Why is it so hard to love the person that you really love? Maybe you don't love them as much as you thought. Maybe there happy ending isn't you, your lucky if it is.