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Trust me

Posted on by K.

Just cos I don’t speak doesn’t mean I can’t do any thing . She started shouting today . Loudly yelling . I was scared . She was abusing me in her language speaking to her parents . About me and yelling in the house . As if something really big happened making a fuss of going to doctor and clinics and everything I got hurt too . It’s paining from two days I didn’t say anyone . She just got some scratches and she is behaving as if someone killed her . She is creating a drama . And terrorising . Isn’t that wrong ? She is behaving like a angry human . She hasn’t got much hurt trust me she is just making a mountain out of a mole . I’ve got hurt too more than her I need medical help . But did I say anything ? Call anyone ? Whine would I call ? My sisters picks up and tells her parents would be worried she is in abroad living alone with a roommate they should be so tensed ? Aren’t u tensed ? Didn’t I get hurt ? Instead of asking me what happened dad told u couldn’t wait for ten more days . As if it was my fault . Everyone thinks I’m wrong . I’m tired of feeling this way I’m tired of crying I’m tired Of everything in my life . No one will ever understand me . The one person who understood me has also left me and is getting married . Look she was on call with her parents yelling . As soon as they kept she yawned and is lying there like nothing happened . Trust me when I say she is putting up drama . Trust me when I say she is cruel and had been playing mind games from day one