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Beer bottles linger Around the floor I don't know if I can do it anymore Daddy hit us everyday With the dreaded beer bottles That always stayed He forced us to drink The nasty liquid Even to this day I forbid it As a kid I didn't know I only knew The dreaded things If we said no Then hit we got But daddy made sure The dreaded things is what we got Hiding in shadows Not in plain sight One by one Out went the lights Daddy was angry And mad at me He still took the dreaded things To always hit me My brother got away so easily It seems But I stood up And took his punishment you see All the pain he didn't feel Me the younger sister Protecting her field My brother cried Knowing it's true As I was beat for something I didn't do But what pain is this As I had it for so long It became normal No big deal at all But here's the thing I need to tell all You see daddy didn't love me No one did in fact For they all said they wanted me gone But daddy tried desperately He wanted me to die He taught me himself But daddy did it he killed my soul Broke my heart before a any boy For the bottles on the floor Them dreaded things That's what daddy used And they never went away Still to this day I stay away To much pain Of the dreaded things Bottles are bad and not healthy you see So if you have one Stay away from me Daddy hurt me more at night That's when he held the bottle nice and tight Daddy loved the bottle more than me Not even my own family bothered with me It's no surprise I'm grateful you see I always protected my family But nobody protected me I've been alone all my life Mainly because Everyone forgot about me