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The bartender overheard a woman talking about a bad night with his roommate

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Doing the levels and dumping the cooler into the front fridges I hear two women at the bar casually talking. Of course, just being there, I quietly listen. Female A: 'So he was pretty good in bed. We even had a joint afterwards and cuddled. It was awesome! I just feel so bad that I didn't tell him. I mean, he seemed OK with it and said he would call.' Female B: 'Well that's kind of a bitch move don't you think? I mean I have told guys when I am on my period before well before anything got too far. I hope he calls, but you should just be happy he didn't kill you.' Female A: 'Well it looked like he had murdered someone when we turned the lights on. It was everywhere. I didn't think I was having a heavy day at all. You should have seen the hand prints on the wall, one was on this poster he had up for a clockwork orange.........' At this point I am doing my best not to die laughing or toss my cookies on my clean bar. Back to the cooler to get a couple more cases and upon my return, Female A is on the phone and Female B orders another round. When I put the drinks down, Female A pulls the phone from her ear. Female A: 'Hey, is your name Bouncer Dave?' Me: 'Well just Dave, but yes, what can I do for ya?' Female A: 'I am on the phone with your roommate. Glen says hello and to get back to work slacker hahaha' Me: '.....................' Think for a minute, take a quick look of horror and remember, Glen just bought a Clockwork Orange poster. He hung it just above the head board of his bed. With the worlds worst poker face I tried to muscle out a laugh when the look of terror crosses her face. Her eyes scream 'He knows...' and Female B bursts into laughter.