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Blinded By Salsa

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It was my 21st bday and I was going to celebrate with some of my coworkers (we all worked in a bar/pub.) We decided to start out with some food so we go to a taqueria and the waitress brings out some chips and salsa (keep in mind, these are free and unlimited.) We give our waitress our drink order and one girl, Kristina puts salt on the (free!) chips. This mortally offended another girl named Erin. Erin was pissed. Started screaming about how inconsiderate, white trash etc Kristina was.  At this point, Kristina decides to leave, we get new (free!) unsalted chips and continue on with our night. So you would think that would be the end of it, right? Nope. We worked with another girl named Christina, and she and Erin were good friends. Little did we know, Erin spent the next week hyping Christina up about what a bitch Kristina was for salting the fucking chips.  So, there I was at work, bringing beers and hot wings to people and having a generally pleasant night. Both Kristina and Christina were there. No one knew about the boiling rage lurking in Christina.  There was a porch where people could sit outside and also indoor seating. Both K and C were out on the porch serving their tables. I was chatting with a couple regulars. I don't know what made Christina switch flip. Maybe Kristina looked at her funny.  Christina picks up an empty beer bottle, smashes it on the table, and gouged Kristinas eye out. There was literally just a bloody hole in her face.  It took 3 grown men to restrain Christina. Ambulance and cops were called and both K and C left. It was all people could talk about the next day. No one knew why it happened. Christina gets bailed out, comes to work (was promptly fired) and says "bitch needed to learn respect. You don't fuck with people's food." Erin confides in a few of us about venting to Christina and it dawned on us that a girl actually lost her eye because of some free chips. I refuse to salt chips at a restaurant to this day.