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I Had Sex With A Covid Positive Person

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I've been sitting at home for so long like the rest of us during Covid. It's been anti-social, depressing, and I just don't have anything else to do but go on dating apps and schedule Zoom dates. UGH! While on my most recent Zoom dates, my date asked if I wanted to have cyber sex. I said "No, I am good. I have been pleasuring myself a lot lately...." and then said "What I really want is to have in-person sex with you..." - my comment really got my Zoom date excited...and worried... He started explaining that it's not safe and that he never intended to meet in person. He was just having fun cyber sexing during the pandemic. I continued to pressure him, saying things like "My pussy is wetter in person...and you can't smell me during cyber sex." - this naturally piqued his interest in exploring the idea of having in-person sex. A few days go by and I got a text from the guy, he writes "XXX Madison Avenue... can you meet me here in 1 hour?" - I was shocked and nervous - I was absolutely caught off guard that he would change his mind regarding the sex offer I gave him. I agree to show up to his place in an hour. I finally knock on his door and he opens the door and we immediately started tearing off each others clothes. Ripping and clawing. It was soooo passionately intense and absolutely careless. The sex was fantastic, but immediately afterwards I felt a huge hit of reality.... I completely forgot to ask if he has had or tested positive for Covid. So as our bodies lay next to each other, sweating from such passionate sex, I asked him if he's negative. He responded, "No, but I feel fine. I was tested 3 days ago and it was positive, but I feel like it was an inaccurate result...". I ended up testing positive 3 days later. Along with my co-workers, some of their kids, and all of my roommates. Was the in person sex worth it? No... I should have just stayed home and masturbated. Oh and also...I deleted my dating apps....