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apocalypse in a parallel universe (dream)

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It started out in a huge building (not sure if it was a school or work establishment) and it was completely made out of metal. It was painted red with intricate designs that cut out the windows and made a lot of the surroundings look brighter and more high-tech (imo). I think the floor was white tile. It began with me on this floor, stomach side down behind a brown desk, not aware of any of the detail above yet, and the building was getting shot up. I remember thinking “deja vu” even though it only happened in another dream. This was brief, however, because when I became aware that I was dreaming, I wasn’t behind this brown desk anymore. I was in a large hall with what seemed like hundreds of people. I remember looking at the sky repeatedly. Thick white clouds were plastered onto a light blue backdrop, so it couldn’t have been rain that my dream-self was anticipating. For whatever reason, the shooting was erased out of the reality of my dream life. There were tons of people in this building, some in large groups while others were just moving about, getting their own “work” done. I looked back at the sky and it changed, it was turning grey. The thick white clouds had lost their color and a weird booming sound kept emitting from the sky. I remember being baffled but alarmed as I was the only one (or at least I felt) that was paying attention to the sky. People were confused (maybe even slightly alarmed) but nobody was paying attention to where the sounds were coming from. Part of the building that was cut out had a clear sight of what must’ve been a staircase, because that’s when I saw Sammy walking up these said stairs. It looked like she was looking for someone to ask what was going on, or maybe she was going to look for herself. The sounds continued and a loud groaning noise kept coming from up above, almost as if something were flying overhead. I remember seeing a black line circling the building, because it seemed to only hover and fly around the parts that weren’t cut out in this building. I was only allowed to see this tiny sliver of whatever was coming to terrorize my dreams. Something happened between this moment and the next because soon after that, it was like I was thrusted into the next “scene” of the dream. Everyone who was once confused and waiting on answers were now running. I don’t remember who this man was, but I was with a man. We were fighting together despite the little knowledge I have about him. We ended up outside and it was complete chaos. People were dying, screaming, running and fighting. A lot of men were helping people get back and forth near the building because it seemed to me that the only way out was around. Which was almost impossible with the amount of chaos that was going on. We were on the side of the building, my guess, we were on the same side as the cut-out stairway. I remember seeing large groups coming towards us, bloody and beaten. The eyes of each of the beaten were blood red and glowing. I was holding onto a pipe and standing on a slab of metal that could move backwards or forwards to the other “side” of the building. When I began to try to move, I looked back at the remaining fighters, they were being overrun. This is where I lost track of the man I was with. A bloody lady who looked like her jaw was broken, came towards me and I tried to slide back towards the man but I fell off. The lady attempted to bite me but I pulled away quick enough and tried to scramble back up the metal but to no avail. She kept clawing at my legs, adamant on pulling me down onto my back to rip into me. (my thought process while trying to get away) I swung my body towards the other side of the building and landed on my knees, rolling a bit and then pushing forward. I saw Fady, with his arms outstretched and looking at me with a small smile on his face. I didn’t recognize him as Fady until I woke up. He helped me gravelly, considering he helped ward off so many of the beaten but not for long. Another beaten was coming, this time, a man. He was spastic and aggressive, running towards me before I sprung up on a ladder-type fixture on this side of the building. This is when I remembered some of the beginning of this specific dream, when things were normal. This man was a drug addict who was always speaking tongues in the streets but he was alive at the time. Certain people who acted the way they did when alive carried over into the “dead” version (for lack of better terms) of themselves. The man continued spatting out random words, sounding terrifying with a mouth full of blood as “he spoke to the Gods.” He followed me up the fixture, his hands just under my feet. His nails were razor sharp and his skin was dirty. All the beaten were caked in dirt/blood and in tatters. At first the man was distracted by someone laying out on a balcony (what it seemed like). I couldn’t make out if he attacked or not because just as quick as he went in, he came out. He continued after me, his gibberish becoming more aggressive and quick. I kept climbing, hopeless, and that’s when I woke up. tldr; I’m in a building that’s getting shot up and things start to go south. I remember feeling the same way I did from my last shooting dream. Something comes from the sky to destroy everything but for some reason blood-covered people start to attack everyone. Chaos ensues and I try to get away before scaring myself awake.