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One of my neighbors tried to put a hit out on another neighbor. I lived in a neighborhood with lots of Cuban people. Our street was very long, dead-ended, and was quiet, so people hung out in the street all the time. Every weekend was like a block party. This guy moved in at the end of the street and like a week later had a screaming fight with my immediate neighbors about the Castro regime, like how dare you criticize Castro stuff. Anti-Castro sentiments were casual and very common, lots of people in the area either escaped or their parents did so it was a common topic of conversation. There were dozens of people present, but for whatever reason, angry guy fixated on this one neighbor, even though he hadn't said anything really that other people didn't. Harassment continued for months, with my neighbor ignoring it or calling the police for the more threatening behavior. They'd come out, he'd go home, and then he'd be back out there the next night, yelling at my neighbor (and sometimes my family and others), shining high powered flashlights in houses all night, picking fights whenever my neighbor came out to socialize. We all griped about the police not doing anything. One Friday night, most of the neighborhood was out in the street hanging out, kids playing, just having a good time. My dad had just commented how peaceful it was without angry guy, who had uncharacteristically not come out and yelled at us. All the sudden two police cars blazed through the street, got right down to the dead end, RAN into the woods with their guns drawn. About 10 minutes later they came out with angry guy in handcuffs and took him away. Turns out they suspected all along that he had darker intentions and set up an undercover officer. Angry guy paid the undercover officer something like $4000 to burn down my neighbor's house and said that there'd be another $2000 after the fact if someone died.