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Finally gave up

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Ashley was a sibling of 13 children in a 3 bedroom trailer who had big dreams of success, as she goes through life being a disappointment to her family she was downed all through school they said she’d never be anything more than a pregnant drop out who would never make it to high school as she passed elementary school into middle school graduating out of high school with her childhood best friend, being the only high school graduate in her family she gets pregnant two years after high school with no support and the guy was a druggy who cheated so she left him being pregnant all alone she had her childhood best friend by her side through everything, she was her daughters godmother then she passed a year after her god-daughter was born. Now she’s left all alone raising her daughter on her own with the father coming back 17 months after their daughter was born to step up as they try again she fought for his love, bailing him out of jail 4/5 times, fighting for him from other women after letting him she finds another soul who she’s been friends with for 2 years he promised her the world said he’d never leave her he promised to treat her like a queen to only lie and cheat on her to getting her hooked on drugs to leave her for his truly love now she’s left with her beautiful blue eyed blonde hair two year old who deserves the world and she believes her daughter is better left off without her as depression takes over she finally gives up.